Week 2 – Design


  • Guess speaker
  • Mini-lectures
  • Lab
  • Reading before class: Using WordPress, Ch 3 (Getting Around WordPress), 5 (WP.com v WP.org), 7 (All About Themes)

Guest Speaker


  • Moving from paper to computer to mobile
  • Grids  / typeface choices / visuals versus text
  • PPT




  • Subscribe to class mailing list
    • You can use as many email addresses as you like
    • If you send an email to uwdigipub@u.washington.edu it will be distributed to all class members
    • When replying, your message will go only to the sender unless you select “reply all” – that will also send your reply to the entire list.
    • You must reply to “the list” from the email address that is subscribed to the list
    • Digest option is turned off; archives are accessible only to list members
  • Blog post due January 22: find three WordPress themes that you like; make a post on the course site with details and why they appeal to you/how they fit your vision of your site.
    * Link this post to your project page at the top — practice writing good headlines! 

    * Remember to link each theme name to its site – no bare URLs, no “click heres”
  • Reading before class: Using WordPress, Chapter 1 (domains), Chapter 6 (Plugins)
  • Extra Credit: make a post here (this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to course topics; select the category “resources” for your post.

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