Controlling the fonts on your site or blog

Let’s say there’s a font you absolutely must have on your site or blog. Let’s also say you don’t want to build a fleet of JPG images containing headings or buttons using that font. Then you need a font kit.

A font kit is basically a list with a command that allows a visitor’s browser to read the font data from the server instead of forcing the visitor to load the fonts you want them to see.

WordPress has a guide on how to use a font kit, There are also a few sites, such as Font Squirrel and Code and More that let you build a kit for testing on your site or blog.


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About Brian

Tactical Design Cachets is one-man show. Brian Dumas is the owner, bookkeeper, designer, janitor, and tech support. A graphic designer by trade (and by nature), Brian started collecting stamps in the late 1970′s. 
He later became interested in first day covers in general and cachets in particular. He created his first cacheted cover for the First Supersonic Flight commemorative stamp in October 1997 and has been creating unique cachets ever since with an emphasis on military and space topics. He has also created cachets specifically for pictorial or special cancellations, such as for the launching of space missions, the commissioning of ships, or to commemorate other noteworthy events. Though he focuses primarily on United States issues he has also created cachets for releases in the Åland Islands of Finland.

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