Angie_3 WordPress Themes

The WordPress themes I have been perusing have had two common features:

  • Responsive Design
  • No Cost
Screen grab of my site with Hum theme

Love the boxed text look.

Perhaps when/if this blog goes live I will be looking at customizing (usually that comes with a fee).

The theme I go back to all the time is Hum. It is simple and when I view it on the iPad or my Android phone it still looks good. Plus it seems to offer a lot of options to the user even in its basic package.

Last week I realized that although my theme looked fine on an Android phone and an iPad, it did not respond to changes in screen size when viewed on a laptop, so I changed it.

Screen snap of my site using Clean-Home theme.

This one appeals because of its typographic vibe.

Until recently my theme was Clean Home. It is very basic, but can also be customized. I was also drawn to Clean Home because it looks more typographic, and currently my site is [going to be] about InDesign featuring some tips and tricks I have picked up over the years, along with opinions of their newest cloud version and the Digital Publishing System.

But, Confit was my favorite theme. I really liked the boxy look and the huge image in the background. Even the orange text was not bad once you got used to it. If I were looking for a restaurant online and it used this theme, I would consider eating there.

My site with Confit theme.

Confit is a good fit.

I experimented with changing the background image to see how my site would look and it was easy to do. It gave the option of tiling an image or using it full size. Tiling the image yields a busy look, even when the image is simple and nondemanding. I like the look of the full-size background. Other WordPress users also find this a good theme because of its interesting look and ease of customization and share some thoughts about the size of a background image in the comments.

My site with Titan theme.

Titan Theme reminds me of a resume.

And because, like a bad movie, I don’t know when to end, I am adding one more theme: Titan. I just previewed my site with the Titan theme. As you can see by the screen snap below it looks more like a resume than a website, but it is sophisticated and clean. Altogether a good look and easy to modify.


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