Consider the Content

The thousands of gorgeous, artistic themes on WordPress.Org remind me of the umpteen fabric swatches I stood before recently at the store when trying to decide how to reupholster an ottoman. So many themes, so little time.

What I keep coming back to, and what keeps me sane through the browsing is that my content will be focused on Kids’ Sports Injuries, and the templates that make the most sense are not reliant on bright colors or patterns, let alone amazing photography. The site is about my writing, and the medical and health information, not the complexity of the template.

I am drawn to the Screens theme for it’s tiled layout, where 6 – 8 stories would be featured on the home page.  The font of the header has a newsy feel, which works for my site.  Another site that offers the same box-format for posts with an appropriate emphasis on photography is Sampression Lite. This theme is a little more fun with the brighter orange and blue, so perhaps it is even better for my topic which involes youth.

A third choice, were I to have access to more dramatic photography is Max Magazine. I prefer how this theme has a clear and obvious headline post. There would be no ambiguity about which is the most recent post, on the previous two themes mentioned, that could be an issue.  But to use Max Magazine, I would need to find quality photos to support such dominant art in the center of the home page.

All of these themes are responsive, all are relatively simple and I believe all are free.


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