Three Best WordPress Themes For a Writer’s Blog

Updated:  Since my original list (still available below) I have still been looking through themes, trying to find the ‘right’ ones that would suit me. In the original list, my priority was to find themes that would read as books. However, the themes were not very attractive. I want a theme that is readable and responsive as well as immediately attractive and professional looking.

So here is my new list:

  1. Sampression Lite. Yes I still have this one on my list, I love the mint green and orange colors and the layout of blog posts. I do worry about readability and the light green on white background. But since I like the theme it stays on the list for now!
  2. Responsive. First time through the themes I didn’t like it. But I’ve had a second thought about this one. No fancy color schemes to show off (although everything can be customized including the colors), it just does what it’s supposed to. The theme is responsive, clean, and reads well.
  3. DesignFolio. I think I missed this one the first time through the themes, or I was originally put off by paying a price. However at $79 it wouldn’t break me, and this theme is very clean and readable. I would not pay for a theme at launch, but this may be the one I would go to once I have some decent amount of content on the site.

Original list:

  1. Sampression Lite  It is:
    • Crisp and cheery. The orange and mint green on white background is a delightful color scheme to my eyes, without being overly bright.
    • A responsive theme that resizes itself very well to various screen sizes.
    • Titles and headers use serif fonts, with body and most text using sans serif.
    • Interesting layout with multiple columns (larger screen) filled with blog entries and widget areas in the footer. Although very ‘busy’, seems less cluttered.
  2. Reader. A very clean, uncluttered theme, perfect for a writer’s blog.
    • It is a responsive theme and adjusts very well to a small screen size
    • It is one column, and I like the typography on the demo site
    • I don’t like it in just black-and-white but colors and other minor adjustments can be made after installation
  3. Book, which is the ‘Pro’ version of Book Lite. It also is a responsive theme and very minimalistic, with one wide column to be devoted to stories in blog posts. The formatting within the blog entries makes it very comfortable for reading. I don’t care much for the color scheme, but the ‘Pro’ version should allow for minor adjustments to the theme to suit me.

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