Sharon—WordPress Themes

The key elements I am looking for in a theme design are a clean look, intact responsive capabilities, testing done on Safari or FireFox, no cost, and simple, clear navigation. Following the guidelines in our class text, I am also looking at number of downloads and ratings (though paying attention to such considerations as a 5 out of 5 but with only 2 reviews).

My first, out-of-the-gate choices are:

Mosaic (9,089 downloads, 5 rating) Color and typography options, responsive, very clean.

Magazine-Basic (415,541 downloads, 3.9 rating) Includes Google Analytics, fully customizable and tested in Safari and Firefox.

Wordsmith Anvil (45,353 downloads, 5 rating) 50 theme options including newsletter sign-up and short-posts. Fun look and feel.

Simple Catch ((141,381 downloads, 4.5 rating) Easy-to-read navigation, no-cost, responsive.


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