3 Attractive WordPress Tatting Blog Themes

3 WordPress Themes for “I’d Rather Be Tatting” Blog

It was harder than I thought to find a fitting lace- or craft-related theme that wasn’t too busy at the same time. Color automatically draws me, and that is why you won’t find any of the spare, modern-looking themes below.

Perhaps themes with more white space would be the best for photo displays of the lace motifs that will appear on my blog; however, I never found any with either a typeface or design that captured my interest.

Further, many themes gave users the opportunity for multiple adjacent image displays that seemed crowded. I’m not sure that’s what I want for my blog. I may want to focus only on one image at a time, on a detailed look at its stitches and overall pattern.

And although I know that for readabilities’ sake it’s best to break up long stretches of type across the page, single columns seemed to reach out to me more than double or triple columns.

The pretty young thing WordPress.com theme immediately appeals to me due to its pastel palette and visual element of a ribbon and stitches that suggest femininity, crafts and youth may work for my tatting blog.

The adorable theme is so cute, colorful and dynamic, it’s going to make me want to write a thousand blog posts for it (and hopefully visitors to visit it!). Moreover, it’s a very attractive and mobile ready site.

Brand new day has a relatively clean look with a pretty design that suggests the fanciful nature of tatted lace designs. I like its simplicity.

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About Holly

During the week, I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader who loves to make content sing. Afterhours, I morph into my alter ego who who loves shuttle tatting (a form of lacemaking), beading jewelry and too many other crafts to name here! Watch for my upcoming blog, "I'd Rather Be Tatting, " coming soon!

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