Bare Minimum – Three Clean Themes

I’m planning for my site to house linked short stories, which an audience might ideally read over breakfast, on their lunch break, etc. I also have little to no budget to work with, given these factors my only two requirements in a theme were:

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Free

Searching through the selection of themes meeting those requirements, I was most drawn to the following three.

  • Clean-Retina
  • This is my favorite of the three. It supports a good selection of templates, I like the color scheme, and while it isn’t as minimalist as the other two themes, it doesn’t feel cluttered or distract from the content.

  • Origami
  • I really like the aesthetics of this theme. Both images and text look great in it, and I like that everything besides the content is collected in the footer bar. There’s not a lot of customization possible though, so while that would make using it really simple, I’m not quite sure it’s what I want.

  • Book-Lite
  • Book-lite fits the clean look that I’d prefer, and it would be appropriate since my site will be text heavy and housing fiction. It also has good reviews, and seems well supported. The bare text on white is a little too minimalist though, so it’s not my first choice.


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