Plenty of free theme options for

Kirsten Mullins
Digital Publishing
Homework Assignment #2
January 22, 2013

WordPress Themes

My taste tends to run to themes which provide a space for a thumbnail image and a paragraph of text, in which you click on the image or text, taking you to a new page with all the information. I’m envisioning it to resemble a bookshelf in a bookstore, with the selections facing forward.

The Columnist
Triton Lite

Premium Themes
Pinboard (Premium $50)
Gridspace (Premium $75)

All three of these choices might be called a Pinboard design. For my website,, I would prefer if the “pins” were adjustable in size instead of being all the same dimensions. I want a theme option with a Menu running horizontally across the top and a sidebar on the right side.
Many of these seem to be tailored for photographers, but I expect my front page to be image heavy with book jackets, followed by a paragraph of text.

I’ve temporarily chosen The Columnist, over Hatch because it allows for text under my images. Triton Lite is a tempting choice too. I expect to eventually purchase Pinboard or Gridspace, leaning toward Pinboard because the size of the pins are changeable, not static.

Other Options:
Theme Min – looks like a blog and a website at the same time


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