Themes for a portfolio site

I like sites that have a clean, uncluttered appearance and are easily navigable.  Since I don’t have too many elements for my planned website, I can afford to have a more minimalist approach. One of the main factors I am looking for in a template is that it should be fairly customizable. I have a tendency to tweak a lot, and it would be good if I could get some results without having much coding knowledge.

The three free themes that I found which I think can work for me are:

1) Yasmin — It’s got a very simple interface, and is well organized. A large image slider can display visual content prominently and the navigation links and widgets are well-placed and clear.

2) Workality — Great layout options for displaying visual and written content; quite customizable

3) Portfolio Press — Straightforward, responsive tiled portfolio layout.

If I actually spent money on a template, my top pick would be the Flexible theme– great layout style; neat and unique blog format, customizable and responsive.


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