Week 3 : Photos / infographics / art


  • Visual concepts such as Rule of Thirds, aspect ratios, optimal resolution/size, alt/title tags
  • Creative Commons : what is it, why is it important
  • WP lab

Discussion (ppt)

WP Lab

Reading review – Ch 1

  • What is the domain naming system (DNS)?
  • What is a (domain name) registrar?
  • Who.is
  • Web hosts (see week 1) : you will need to secure your domain name and hosting company before our Feb 6 class [can we move this up to next week? class agreed]
  • Note: most hosting companies provide one-year free registration with a new account. Use this freebie! You can have two names “point” to the same website

Reading review – Ch 3

  • Everyone should have at least two blogs accessible when they log in to WordPress.com — your own blog and this one: http://wordpress.com/wp-admin – to see your blogs, mouse over your name (right corner)

    wordpress bloglist

Reading review – Ch 6

  • Plugins: difference between WP self-hosted and WP.com
  • Explore: look in your dashboard: Appearance -> Widgets (a sub-set of plugins that are visible in the sidebar)
  • Explore: plugins selected by former students

Reading review – Ch 7

  • Themes: parents and children (what the heck?)
  • Anatomy of a WordPress theme (and an example of an infographic)
  • What is CSS?
  • Playing with widgets: use the text widget [select a CC license and paste the HTML into a text widget that you make live on a sidebar in your “sandbox” WordPress.com site. We are missing some WordPress.com sites on this page: uwdigipub.wordpress.com/assignments/

Blog posts

  • Use the “more” tag (if your theme doesn’t auto-excerpt).
    WordPress More Tag

WordPress Themes (category assignment)

What do you notice about the ordering of this information?


  • Remember to edit your WordPress.com profile settings so that you are signing your posts with something other than your user name.
  • Project: how will you use a blog with your site; add this to your project page (at the top)
  • Project: secure your domain name and hosting company before class; as soon as you have picked a host, please let me know. Print the email you receive telling you how to set up your account.
  • Tool: Flickr – set up a Flickr account and find at least three accounts or groups to follow
  • Blog post due January 29: make a post on the course site with a creative commons licensed photo that you could use with your project
  • Reading: Chapter 8 (Organizing Content), Chapter 12 (multimedia)
  • Extra Credit: make a post here (this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to course topics; select the category “resources” for your post. Remember best practices: use the “more” tag so that there is more content viewable on the home page.

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