Pin Your Way to More YouTube Channel Subscribers

During class last week, we learned that it’s possible to create your own YouTube channel on your website. What you may not know is that you can leverage the combined functionality of YouTube with a Pinterest account to increase your YouTube Channel subscribers at your website.

Follow these eight steps to put your YouTube Channel videos on Pinterest and reap these benefits:

  • Generate interest in other videos at your website
  • Visitors can be taken to your YouTube channel landing page
  • Potential to gain traffic from within Pinterest and from Google
  • Pin a YouTube channel video to Pinterest; receive auto-backlink to your YouTube Channel (and vice versa, important due to Pinterest’s high reputation to Google
  • Send Pinterest traffic to your YouTube channel
  • Eventually send all Pinterest traffic to your blog/website
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During the week, I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader who loves to make content sing. Afterhours, I morph into my alter ego who who loves shuttle tatting (a form of lacemaking), beading jewelry and too many other crafts to name here! Watch for my upcoming blog, "I'd Rather Be Tatting, " coming soon!

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