week 4 : Digital publishing nuts and bolts


  • Self-hosted WordPress (set up sites)
  • Install a theme


  • Resources posts! (remember to use the “more” tag — almost all of you “got” it – yeah!) 
  • Assignment: how will you use a blog with your site; add this to your project page (at the top)
    Completed: Brian, Charlie, Hilary, Holly, Kathy, (Kirsten – need to publish the live link not the edit one), (Maggie – need to publish the full url not a truncated one), Michelle, Tammy (move to very top), Toni

Screen captures (URLs)

wp edit url

wordpres url wp-edit-URL


  • PPT
  • Flickr : creative commons search (advanced search)
  • Select a CC license for your WordPress.com account — using a “text” widget, add the license to  your theme sidebar


  • Project points: make sure your Gravatars have image, some biographical info
  • Project points: blog integration into site (was due tonight)
  • Tool: Flickr – set up a Flickr account and find at least three accounts or groups to follow
  • Blog post due February 5: make a post on the course site with the Flickr accounts you are following and why
  • Read: Chapter 14 (Security), Chapter 10 (Creating Sites

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