flickr laced with tatting images

The Flickr followers I chose, two individuals and one tatting group, appealed because they demonstrated personally interesting pieces/techniques, particularly noteworthy tatted designs or a breadth of photos:

MickChick831, Leah Mahar’s Flickr tatting photos personally intrigued me because she

  • Embellishes motifs by incorporating beads
  • Makes tatted jewelry

Leah’s photos fall within the Creative Commons license for Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike, which gives me the ability to use them on my blog.

This brown medallion captured my attention immediately . It features

  • Thoughtful placement of beads
  • Delicate filigree beads that enhance overall design

Another example, “Pendant,” took my breath away

  • Elevated two old-fashioned concepts “cameo” and “locket” with an old-fashioned lace
  • Rocked this tatted piece of jewelry with thread color choice and accompanying charm.

The Mad Tatter group has the most tatting group members (216) on Flickr. Significantly, they are shuttle and needle tatters, offer a range of content and are comprised of members from all over the globe. Tatting licensing differs widely. Tatting examples:

· Miniature tatted shoes

· Anita’s “Green Leaf Dragon” (from pattern “Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon” by Anne Bruvold).

· Pixellent’s “Aren’t you a little too entangled to be a Stormtrooper?

totusmel (Pamela), a tatter with a strong sense of style, range of designs and sheer creativity, was a fitting last Flickr choice:

View her stunning tatted jewelry

Peruse her fanciful tatted masks

Check her tatted ankle corsets

totusmel photos are available through Creative Commons Non-Commercial license with Attribution, but permit no derivative works.


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