Flickr Follows for an Artsy Craftsy Writer

After looking around on Flickr searching for ‘books’ and ‘laptops’ and ‘writing’ – and finding mostly dull photos under those tags – I’ve chosen the following three to follow on Flickr:

1. B_Zedan: I was drawn in by the crafty-artsy photos of small books in the Mini Books set. And this artsy project: “On Its Way To Completion”. I have no idea what it is, but it’s intriguing, and there are other photos in the stream of all the steps while she’s been making it.
2. The Girl Who Owns the World photostream: I like her eye for simple things, like the contents of her purse, and especially the photo of her artist desk. I love it when people take pictures of simple things in their lives that mean something special to them. In this case, her messy desk speaks volumes about how she works.
3. Mildly Diverting: Her Science set is fascinating. I love old technology and steampunk-y photos.

Will any of these photos be useful for me on my blog? I have no idea. But I do know one thing: I cannot stand using dull photos that are without character and personality. I think when I’m looking through photos, that’s what I look for without even realizing it: something artsy, craftsy, personal, different.


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