Assignment: Who to follow on Flickr

I decided to join specific groups instead of individuals because I am not looking to Flickr as a source for photographs, since all the visual content (as of now) on my site will be my own — photographs/sketches/illustrations. I hunted through a lot of groups for illustrators/children’s books, and finally included 3 whose photo streams had comparatively less junk/irrelevant material than some others. Unfortunately, that is an issue with content on Flickr groups; people aren’t always discerning about what they tag and where they upload their content.

The three groups I finally chose to follow were:

1) Children’s book illustrators and authors: It has a nice pool of the work people are creating. Good resource to look through peers’ work and also follow discussion threads which can be valuable.

2) Children’s illustrations: A place where children’s illustrators display their work with a lot of content in different styles which is interesting to see.

3) Oodles of doodles: A wonderful space committed to the very important, necessary and freeing art of doodling. Great place to post quick doodles, and see other people’s work.


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