Hilary’s Flickr Groups for Website

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but if a picture of an injury is stomach-turning, no one will read my thousand words.  Who wants to lose their lunch? This was a valuable exercise. It reminds me that while the topic is things that can go physically wrong during sports, what people (and especially parents!) prefer to see are pictures of happy, healthy kids competing, not blood and bruises.

With that in mind, I joined three groups, my favorite being Kids Playing Sports because the photos are the most natural.   Sports Unlimited Kids also had plenty of photos I could use on my site.  Sport Kids aims to display pictures of kids looking like young professional athletes, which may fit with posts on the hyper-competitive and year-round nature of youth sports.

There are a variety of sport-specific groups as well, e.g. skateboarding, skiing, etc. While I didn’t join them, they have excellent pictures for particular topics.

When I must use a picture of an injury, Casts is one that would work.  Again, the “Injury” groups have pictures too gross to use, and many of them state that, in fact, grossing people out is exactly their goal. 🙂


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