The Home Page is Dead and No One Wants to Interact with You

But don’t lose hope. Web development – from the back end – continues to move forward. Code grows, changes, becomes obsolete and new code appears. HTML5, for instance, is the latest version of our long-loved coding language. It’s more nuanced, easier to use, responsive and flexible.

Web design – the front end – never moves in a straight line. Sometimes it’s simple – even minimal. Other times it’s intensely personal or hyperactively interactive. A growing – growling – cadre of uses are abandoning ubiquitous interaction for the monotony of anonymity.

Is the home page really dead? Some advocate its end arguing that social media delivers users to content they want within the site, which leaves the home page looking like the dusty waiting room of a dentist with poor personal hygiene.

Others are optimistic. They’re not in mourning. They tout the home page as an elastic advocate for your unique content. It’s not simply a starting place. It’s a marketing hub to be promoted as a prominent resource.

It may be a truism – or an easy way to end this post – but you can always be sure of one thing: web design and web development will never be finished. Factions advocating experiment will be heard in chorus with their coding cohorts demanding common-sense solutions to all things web. It never stops. Like I always say, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”


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