Going Global / Keeping It Local with Flickr: Palm Magazine

Let me put it this way. I am thrilled about Flickr. As a writer and editor, I assumed that Flickr would be photo heavy with absolutely no literary connections. Surprise! Flickr does and here is what I found…Since I want my literary magazine to have local and international contributors, I looked at both kinds of groups. Along the way, I came up with some new outreach strategies.

Going Global

 At first, I was heartbroken. In Flickr, there were not many modern Persian arts groups. Here is one of the few I found.

iran Museum of Contemporary Art::http://www.flickr.com/groups/iranmoca/: The challenge for this group (like many devoted to Middle Eastern arts and culture) is their concern about online bias against their work  As they put it, “This group is not only for artists and curators of Iranian origin but for any artist or curator who is interested in any aspect of Persian visual culture. Examples of submissions may also include representations of Iranian/ Persian related images in museums, galleries, and the media. We look forward to cultivating an aesthetically inspired and inspiring community of artists and curators. This group (including nasab’s) is in NO way affiliated with the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, or ANY state or government organization.”

 However, since I am already affiliated with Words Without Borders, an American based organization with an international focus, http://wordswithoutborders.org/?gclid=CPX2jZ6zorUCFUfhQgodNFkA1A., I discovered that there are many connections here. Do take a look at Words Without Borders website. They are an amazing organization!

So I focused on a particular genre and wanted to see if it made any difference in my search. It did. I signed up with..

The Graphic Novel Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/graphic-novel/members/. Its international members post pictures (excerpts) from their graphic novels. I realized that these members could be potential contributors and there is a space for discussion and calls for submissions.

Keeping It Local

Next, I wondered if there was anything in Flickr re literary organizations here in Seattle. Let’s put it this way. The local Seattle Flickr groups are excellent resources for any writer. I was so surprised.

The Seattle Arts Scene Group::http://www.flickr.com/groups/seattleartscene/members/ This group is primarily concerned with documenting the Seattle gallery scene.The photos are of individuals interacting with the art and it is not used for publicity. Since one of the magazine’s events is at a local arts gallery, I could post photos of the audience’s interaction with the artwork/ collaboration with the literary arts magazine. Here’s their policy. “Photos will ideally be editorial in nature, photos of art should have actual people viewing/interacting (aka “the scene”), and especially photos of the artists themselves. And super especially info about the artist.” The good news is that I can also post notices about upcoming arts events in the discussion area.

The Seattle Artists Group :http://www.flickr.com/groups/seattleartists/ This group is a companion site to the Seattle Arts Scene Group. They provide behind the scenes photos of working artists and their bios. With the artists’ photo captions, I can also mention their upcoming events here.

Fantagraphics Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fantagraphics/  This group posts fans’ photos and photos from local events for Fantagraphics Press. Since I recognize a number of the contributors and I am working on a graphic novel, this Flickr group is ideal.

Seattle Book Art Guild: ://www.flickr.com/groups/bookartsguild/members/  This is a relatively new group with only three members and the admin needs to admit you unless you are a guild member. Since the Seattle Book Arts Guild is defunct and no longer has a space in Ballard (due to funding), the only space where they can meet is virtually and at their local events..

As a photographer, I was pleased to find two Seattle publications that accept photo submissions of arts events and give full credit for them as well.

City Arts Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/cityartsseen/. City Arts is one of Seattle’s most widely circulated free arts and events publication and they do allow for photos of events that the photographer has participated in. This is a very valuable resource for posting photos of literary arts events (re my magazine) and can help with the publicity campaign that is required after any event. . There are no restrictions here.

Encore Arts :http://www.flickr.com/groups/1752210@N21/  Encore Arts owns City Arts and they publish all the playbills for Seattle theater productions, classical music concerts, etc. This group has a similar policy.

As you can see from my numerous postings, how pleased I am with Flickr. Three was not enough. Thanks for a great assignment.


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