Setting the Flickr Stream

I really don’t plan on using photos that I haven’t taken myself. But just in case building on someone else’s works turns out to be the best way to illustrate a setting description, I found these three accounts to follow.

  • Ketcherside
  • The poster on this account does some things with blending old and new photos that I really like the look of, and it’s a technique I’d like to try when modifying my images.

  • alins74
  • These are extra pretty photos, mostly of areas around the city for which I actually would need images.

  • davereid
  • This account has a wide range of location photos, local and global. Good for inspiration.

    I’ll most likely follow them as references for when I’m stuck writing a description or figuring out what look I want to aim for in an image, but their licences would allow for use of their images with attribution/non-commercial/share-alike.


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