week 5: Digital publishing on WordPress


  • Recap last week (emphasis on security)
  • More on the WP Dashboard
  • Install a theme
  • Install two plugins
  • Turn on Akismet (use your WP.com account info)


  • Reminder of student/faculty responsibilities 
  • Assignments: points will be deducted for using “uncategorized” – for unimaginative headlines – for not using “more” tag on posts longer than 3 graphs. Retroactively. Please edit your stuff. (Demo how to find own posts)
    • Categories: only ONE per post!
    • Tags: not the kitchen sink – 3-4 max
  • Points will now be deducted when turned in late (after midnight the day before class).
  • Where are points? -> blogroll link
  • Resources posts! (remember to use the “more” tag)
  • Assignment: set up a Flickr account and find at least three accounts or groups to follow (how to follow?)
    Angie : Brian : Charlie : Gaya : Hilary : Holly : Kathy : Kirsten : Maggie : Mark : Mary : Michelle : Sharon : Tammy : Toni
  • Discussion: Hilary’s domain name
  • Last week’s assignment about integrating a blog into your project site — add it to your project page, don’t just blog about it. 🙂 Send me an email with a link to your project page with the update (if you did not get credit last week).


Log into your WordPress.com account using Firefox or Chrome (no Internet Explorer, please). Open a second window (ctrl+N), and log into your project site WP dashboard. You should have two windows open that you can toggle between (alt+tab or cmd+tab-Mac)

In pairs, discuss – how do the two dashboards differ?

  • Recap last week
    • Where we left off…. admin accounts
    • Discuss in pairs/threes: Why do we not want to keep the “admin” account with full administrative privileges?
    • How to demote the “admin” account
    • How to change email adresses on your accounts
  • WP Dashboard review
    • Screen options
    • Posts -> categories, tags, delayed posting
    • Media -> all of your uploads
    • Links -> blogroll – history/why/it’s a widget
    • Comments -> importance of moderating, noting spam, ping backs
    • Appearance -> questions?
    • Users -> questions?
    • Next week: Tools -> Install “import” tool
    • Settings -> different home page (two step process) ; number of blog posts to show on home page; publicize

Working in pairs:

  • After my demo, install a theme (download/upload or search)
    • Install placeholder
    • Offer: let me know if you want any premium theme – singular – from Woo)
  • After my demo, install/activate plug-ins (download/upload or search)

Course evaluations

For next week:

  • Read: Chapter 9 (creating content)
  • We have a guest speaker next week; the following week, we primarily have work session. Your site outline is due Week 7 (Feb 20). Upload to Catalyst by 9.30 the 20th.

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