My Google+ One(s)

Let’s call a Follow a Follah …

OK, I am starting to feel like a social media troll, lurking under the bridge ambushing unaware passers-by. Google+ seems to be another way to ambush “friends” into being social media Plus One’s.

I added some family, friends, and co-workers (mostly former), to some eponymous circles, but I did not “follow” them. How do I shed this “Peeping Tom” feeling that accompanies simply being able to “add/follow” without having an approval?

Instead, I chose to follow three groups: Adobe InDesign; UW Continuing Education; and iBooks Publishing. These are groups from which I can glean some information (although they do not seem to be posting the latest information to these Google+ sites, even while they are posting new info to their facebook pages) without the troll-like demeanor I attribute to this ubiquitous “circling/friending/following.”


One thought on “My Google+ One(s)

  1. Mark MacKay

    I would love to follow the Adobe stuff you’ve found. Can you publish some links?

    I used the Google+ search feature to find people and groups to that shared my interests. I created flexible terms and often got results that had nothing in common with my search.

    I’m also “following” some individuals who are involved in disaster planning but their pages aren’t accessible to me. Do you they have to allow me or invite me before I see their streams?

    I set up a Page for my Plan B project. Still trying to figure out the functional differences between Page and a Profile.

    Any insights would be appreciate and good luck with your lurk. Thanks, MM.


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