week 6 : discoverability


  • Guest speaker
  • How search engines work
  • Tool: Google+

Guest Speaker


WP Lab

  • Configure JetPack (plugin)
  • Configure Placeholder (theme)
  • Discuss: multiple WP installations
  • Thoughts about content and promotion – original sources, subject lines, headlines

Author Sites


  • Project: integrate social accounts [how are you going to do this? There are many ways – explain your decision and process at the top of your project page by February 19]
  • Google+ account and find at least three accounts to follow. Blog post due February 19: make a post on the course site with the accounts you are following and why. Be sure to give us a link to your G+ account. I will create a circle and share it with everyone next week.
  • Next week is a work session. At the end of class you should have a detailed outline of your project website. The outline can be turned in as an HTML file (a link to your account on WP.com or a link to a page on this blog (child to your project) or a Word doc or a spreadsheet or a PDF of a paper sketch. The key is detail, not just “a blog” or “an about me page.” The more detail, the easier the next stage – building out your site so that it can undergo peer critique by week 9. We will upload the assignment via UW Catalyst

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