Google+ Search Results

Screen Snap of the Search Function in Google+ with "Adobe InDesign Tutorials" in the search string

Using Search function in Google+

It is no secret that I am a fan of Adobe InDesign. Type is my life, and InDesign allows me to control the type. I am always looking for newer, better, more efficient ways to use the software, so as part of the Google+ assignment, I typed “Adobe InDesign Tutorials” into the search field. Google+ defaults to “Everything” in its drop down menu. But, wherever there is an arrow, there is a drop down menu, so when you see one, click it. A new world of opportunity will present itself.

Screen snap of new options available when the "Everything" arrow is enabled.

Various Options Revealed when the “Everything” arrow is clicked.

As you can see, clicking the arrow at the “Everything” button reveals a host of options: People, Community, Hangouts, Events. This presents choices for you. You can join an event or find an expert to add to a circle or follow.

The "People and Pages" option from the drop down menu "Everything."

The “People and Pages” option from the drop down menu “Everything.”

For the choices that appear in this window, I chose “People and Pages” as the option. I notice that Terry White and Pariah Burke appear in the options. Both are recognized names in the InDesign world, so I elect to add them to my “InDesign” circle (which I created).  I opt to “Follow”, because this is a site that can teach you almost anything.

Further exploration of the drop down tab also reveals a “communities” tab. Clicking that will give you the option of exploring or joining various user communities that have sprung up around the value in the search field (here I see an option to join a Web Designers, Developers, and Creative People community. Do I click “Join Community” or don’t I? How adventurous do I feel?

Further exploration reveals the options in the "Communities" tab.

The “Communities” tab.

I have to admit that I am finding the Google+ options far more useful than I thought. I get a more “LinkedIn” vibe to it than I do with the Flickr “add to contacts” option. This could be a useful tool. Use the search field to research some things you are interested in and see what you can come up with.


One thought on “Google+ Search Results

  1. Mark MacKay

    Thanks Angie. Your article is a big help. I like Google+ but I’m still struggling a bit with the navigation and interface. I like type and Adobe too.


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