Hilary’s Outline Assignment

Apologies for the redundancy, Kathy… I did upload this doc through Catalyst’s Collect It, but I didn’t find a group or know of an administrator code to allow others access.  So, in the event I’m not able to do it remotely while I’m away, here goes:

Outline – PlayItSafe Sports blog                                       Hilary Benson  2-20-13


This blog will focus on the prevalence and prevention of sports injuries among children and adolescents.  The content will be a combination of aggregated material from various expert sources as well as original reporting.  I will regularly curate posts from other sites, re-posting several times a week.  Generally, the original content will be published once a week.

1. Header:

Header image will be a picture related to kids and sports.  Site name on top

Banner Ad – in header, with exact location TDB depending on theme

Search window in upper right

2. Navigation Tabs/Pages:

– Home

– Welcome

I have one goal for this website: to help parents and coaches learn how best to keep young athletes safe.  As a parent of three, I have seen how hard it is on an active child to be sidelined because of injury.  Their sports are often their identity and my own personal experience with kids’ injuries, as well as those of many close friends prompted me to embark on this journey.

For my part, as a kid, I was lucky enough to play tennis, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, do summer swim team, run cross country, snow ski, water ski and even throw a football around with my brother.

I was no superstar athlete, but I did learn a wide range of skills, I got to burn off my energy so feel lucky to have been able compete in those different sports. Many kids today do not have that opportunity, as increased sports specialization is forcing even younger children to pick and choose earlier.

Overuse injuries are skyrocketing for a variety of reasons. And, experts in sports medicine working with the STOP Sports Injuries campaign say, “There is a growing epidemic of preventable youth injuries that are dismantling kids’ athletic hopes at and dreams at an early age.”

This blog is my effort to support that group and others by offering information from various expert sources that is readable and relevant.  Thank you for joining me on this journey. ~Hilary Benson

– About  Hilary Benson is a reporter and mother of three active kids. She has worked for television stations in New York, Michigan and Washington. For the past ten years she has been a regular contributor to ParentMap Magazine in Seattle. Working with experts in sports medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics and physical therapy, her blog publishes the latest information on the prevalence of injuries, and most importantly how we as caring adults can reduce the numbers of injuries, both acute and chronic so our children stay active for life.

– Prevent Injuries:  Giving full credit to the excellent STOP Sports Injuries effort, a collaboration of the leading orthopedic and sports medicine associations I will then list and link to the 24 different sports specific injury prevention sheets put out by that group.  I will list the sports and link specifically to the www.stopsportsinjuries.org page for that sport.

– Blogroll: I will list the 10 or so web sites and blogs that I have found useful

– Partners: Short bios of doctors, physical therapists, etc. I will frequently cite, including their logos and links to their own web sites.

– (?)Media: I am in discussions now with ParentMap Magazine about doing occasional TV appearances on KING 5 TV’s Parent to Parent segment, which airs Monday mornings.  I would post the linked video clip image on the homepage, but over time if there are a number of them, I would list them here.

3. Sidebar, Right Column:

– Our Philosophy: (using the About.me widget)

A short paragraph with thumbnail nail headshot reading something like: “We believe young people should be active. Sports participation offers benefits, both physical and mental. This web site offers ideas and advice from top medical experts on keeping children and adolescents playing it safe, so they can play for life.”

– Ad Space –

– Recent Posts – list of 5

 – Tag Cloud:

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4. Body of Home Page

– Featured Post: With a larger image, either aggregated if it is a strong enough post or original content of mine/guest contributor to my site.  At the bottom of this and all posts will be a Leave A Reply comments section, as well as Share buttons.

– Other Posts: Arranged in tile format with smaller images, and one paragraph shown on home page before Read More.  The exact format of these posts will be determined by the final theme chosen.

5. Footer

Legal Disclaimer at bottom of home page reading:

Copyright © 2013. PlayItSafe Sports, LLC ™.  Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the PlayItSafeSports.com Terms of Use (Linked to page) and Privacy Policy (also linked to a Page).   The material presented on PlayItSafeSports.com is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. PlayItSafe Sports, LLC™ does not endorse any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site.  We do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site. Third party advertising companies serve many of the advertisements.


3 thoughts on “Hilary’s Outline Assignment

  1. Mark MacKay

    Your site sounds great. I was wondering if users would perceive added value if you integrated content that wasn’t directly related to injuries, but celebrated the fun and character building kids experience when they’re involved in sports – organized or neighborhood games.

    Reviews of YA sport-themed books, family activities (all ages and levels), health/nutrition, biology/science of injury for age levels – might add some richness and optimism to the site.

    You don’t want to dilute the brand with unrelated content but you also don’t want a site that only frowns and wags a finger.

    1. Hilary Benson Post author

      Agreed!! In fact, one of my practice posts today focused on the proven benefits between middle school kids’ fitness and brain activity. The researchers from Univ of Illinois and Michigan State went so far as to say that better fitness at that age actually translates into better grades.

      Thanks for the comment, I 100% agree. 🙂

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