Fun following threads of tatters on Google+

Tasked with signing up for a Google+ account  and finding at least three accounts to follow, once again our capacity to learn and assimilate a new tool has been put to the test. After I managed to fill in all the profile information (which surely will change repeatedly over time) and working with the vexing photo editor (long story– let’s just say all the cute stuff didn’t fit into the little slot we’re given for the profile photo), I then went on to the heart of the assignment.

After a brief tour of the site, I added quite a few tatters (follows and circles). The three I’d like to share with you now:

Georgia Seitz. The undisputed queen of tatting, Georgia is an incredible instructor. She’s authored multiple tatting books and sells her tatting shuttles online; facilitates her 13-year online tatting class at her website, which is filled with an extraordinary amount of tatting knowledge and and currently appears as BellaOnline tatting editor. Her tatting expertise and understanding is legendary. If she doesn’t know it, she knows where to find it; she has the connections.  And she is totally accessible.

Though Georgia’s personal preference is for shuttle tatting, she is equally comfortable with needle tatting, and hosts a weekly online class in needle tatting as well as for various levels of shuttle tatting. I’ve met her twice, took a shuttle tatting workshop in Kent her last year. I chose Georgia because I know that if the information on techniques, or other tatting info I need is not on her website, because of her generous nature, she will find and share with me the information I seek. I would love to interview her and place this content on my blog.

Jane Eborall. Across the pond, another giant in the dainty world of tatting, the incredibly talented Jane is known for her plethora of whimsical patterns and incredible ability to design, in a method she refers to as “TIAS,” (tat it and see) in which she initiates a pattern in a round-robin and doesn’t tell participating tatters what it will be–they don’t find out until the very end the results of their lace-making effort. She would be fun to have as a guest blogger. She also is incredibly open, nice, and shares knowledge—this I know also from firsthand experience. Her entire collection of patterns is FREE (Creative Commons license). Yay!

Marilee Rockley. A published tatting book (Boutique Tatting and Tatted Jewelry) and pattern author, Marilee designs fantastic modern tatted jewelry. I hope to establish a working relationship with her that will eventually lead to the mutual exchange of information from my blog to hers and vice versa via linking. Marilee teaches online shuttle tatting on Craftsy for a fee and also sells PDF tatting patterns there. She sells her hand-dyed tatting thread, printed tatting books and tatted jewelry on etsy.

To sum up: each of the three I chose to follow in Google+ are well-known, excellent tatters. I’ve met Georgia, “spoken” with Jane via email and hope to strike up a relationship with closer relationship with Jane and Marilee in the near future. All three chose unique tatting paths; their individuality is what makes them so valuable to me and to other tatters at I’d Rather Be Tatting because I want to inspire and retain the interest of site visitors with high quality, fresh content.

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During the week, I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader who loves to make content sing. Afterhours, I morph into my alter ego who who loves shuttle tatting (a form of lacemaking), beading jewelry and too many other crafts to name here! Watch for my upcoming blog, "I'd Rather Be Tatting, " coming soon!

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