Excuse Me But You’ve Got Skeuomorphism All Over Your Interface

Once start thinking about designing your website and choosing the best theme for your content you’re probably going to become more aware of graphic design all of the various forms you see everyday. If you’re like me you might start to wonder about what you’re seeing. You see various logos for big companies every day. But how much do you actually see? For instance, what do you see when you look at the FedEX logo? You see the letters and colors. But if you take a moment and look at the negative space – the white area – you’ll find something that symbolizes movement and speed.

Designers fuse letters, numbers, colors and forms to create meaningful symbols to improve communication. Some of these symbols are so powerful they resonate like actual cymbals when we see them. We often have physical reactions to these images. Advertisers craft shapes that make your mouth water. Politicians co-opt national events to make your heart beat faster.

Product designers strive to create user experiences that don’t induce extreme emotional or physical reactions. If anything these designers want their work to feel familiar and comforting – even safe. Skeuomorphism is the practice designers use to turn “the hard drive where all the bits and bytes making up my Word files are digitally stored” to “my Word files are stored in that blue folder on my desktop.

Stay curious. Get familiar with current design controversies. You’ll make better decisions about user experience design and be able to talk confidently with writers, designers, web developers and clients.


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