Thumbing Through Tumblr: Making Social Media Work For You

Tumblr seems much like its name. An odd mix of personal websites (either strangely edited or unbelievably gorgeous sites) flat up against glossy headliners (such as Bloomberg News for Investors). I can’t tell if tumbler is one of those mandatory social media networks that organizations sign up for “just because”. Do investors read tumbler?  I mean really.

Needless to say, I wonder who the tumblr audience is. Tumblr seems like a hybrid of visuals with micro-blogs – a “visualog”. Were there literary magazines here?

The websites I selected were directly related to current funding models for books, e-books and literary magazines.

Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading, ( is a collaborative electronic magazine venture based in Brooklyn. The editors generally post short stories from a range of literary magazines and are seeing if viewers will “pay per a view” for each short story.

Yes, the Oscars is on the way. But that wasn’t why I picked this site. Joseph Gordon Levitt hosts an open website for collaborations, submissions, etc  The two sites are. The fact that he published a book recently and wanted commentary about his funding model intrigued me. 

The last one was called Start Some Good, ( tumblr site has guest blogs about crowdfunding for a variety of projects, Not many of the projects are literary, but the site is willing to help promote through blogging any noteworthy causes. 


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