Finding Resources and Making Connections in Google Plus Communities

I’ve had my Google+ account for awhile but never used it. But it occurred to me I may be missing out on a good writers resource, so I decided to go exploring to see what may be available.

So I searched under Communities for “writers”. My first impression is that it’s a very easy tool for finding like-minded people. Under “writers” I chose the following three communities to join:

  1. Science Fiction Writers – At 375 members and the top of the list, it seems to be an active group of people. Just a quick glance inside shows there are quite a few topics for posts, from General & Inspirational, to Promotions & Reviews.
  2. Indie Readers & Writers – At 1838 members this active community covers topics from Book Reviews to Services Offered. This may be a good resource for tips from other indie writers, and a window into what others are doing.
  3. Speculative Fiction Writers – At 933 members this is also an active community, but one difference that struck me right away is their Discussions topic, which reminds me of Quora. The members ask questions and get many responses from the community.

I am amazed at how quick and easy it was to find interesting communities and join them. After this quick foray into the Google+ communities I can tell I will be using this tool much more, not just to watch the interactions but also to get involved, because it looks not just informative but also fun.


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