Google + ME… Maybe?

While my Google+ account is regrettably necessary, I’m still finding that I don’t really like it. It feels redundant: just one more place to become meaninglessly overexposed. My distaste for it aside, it is a marketing tool the way we’re approaching it, and redundant exposure is part of the strategy.

After adding a few friends and poking around to find some interesting communities to pay attention to, I settled on these three to start me off.

  • Neuroscience News
  • I like following news about the brain and figuring out how it works. It rarely fails to jump-start my own thinking, which is useful if I’m having trouble writing from the current character viewpoint. Also good for conversation topics when dealing with friends and family who value Science over Literature.

  • CoffeeGeek
  • This one made it onto my list as sort of a default “This is safe to follow!” choice. But I do love my coffee, and I did spend an hour of a really slow morning in the checkstand contemplating possible variations of tea or coffee variants to adapt for use by a fictional alien culture, so it felt right. The shiny photographs of perfected espresso shots were also a plus.

  • Speculative Fiction Writers
  • This community didn’t have a follow option, so I went ahead and joined instead. It seems like it might be a viable option for networking, or at least for crowd-sourcing questions about sunlight and the color spectrum in a solar system with two suns and a prismatic moon. Either way, I found the stuff being posted here interesting and want to read more of it.

    Link to my Google + profile:

  • MaggieW
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