Permaculture-related Accounts I’m Following in Google+

I haven’t posted anything yet to my new Google+ account, but I’ve found some accounts to follow that are related to my permaculture topic.

Laura Sweany, is active in the Seattle permaculture community, and I know her in real life because she designed the Community Orchard of West Seattle, which I am participating in. She also created the garden plan that I’m using for my project.

Keith Johnson is a teacher/designer/consultant, who posts often on all things permaculture and beyond.

Our Permaculture Trip is the Google+ page for a website that seems to be similar in scale to what I’m planning to do, but further along on the journey.

Of the accounts I’ve looked at, I’ve found a wide variation of posting activity. Some post multiple times per day, some posted regularly for awhile, then stopped, and some don’t post at all, just using their Google+ as a home base for people to find a link to their website, or for basic profile information. I find it interesting that the person who seems to post most frequently has not bothered to change his cover photo.

I’m not sure yet how I will use Google+.


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