Building the Brand – Hilary’s new job

Just accepted a new job “TV Editor/Content Manager” for ParentMap Magazine which should enhance what I can do to drive traffic to my site once I launch. In working with KING5 TV on weekly on-air “Parent to Parent” segments, 1-2 times per month I will appear on air as the topic expert, then linking those segments to my own website… credibility and traffic being my goal here.

Finally, in working closely with the web editor (the site gets 1.7 million page views per month, PageRank 5) I can post original content from my own site, and use their online strength to help cross promote mine as I get this fledgling project off the ground.


4 thoughts on “Building the Brand – Hilary’s new job

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  2. Mark MacKay

    Just watched your clip from New Day NW. You’re a natural. Love your voice and delivery. You tell a very engaging story – I was interested and I’ve got no one to send to summer camp.

    I thought you might be interested in The Type-A Parent Conference – for Mom and Dad bloggers – It was developed by Kelby Carr. She is also the author of “Pinterest Marketing for Dummies.”

    I look forward to seeing you on TV again. – MM


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