“Free” logos? Perhaps no such thing as “free” after all?

Holly, I was so thrilled with your recommendation of Cool Text for a free logo design as I loved yours.  Thursday, I immediately set to creating a simple masthead… I pasted the URL into the custom header section, and liked it. As the site asked, I added their Cooltext ad to my header in return.

But today, my PlayItSafe Sports custom logo was replaced by, drumroll please… another one of THEIR ads!  Three things – first, I’m mad that they did this when I’d put up their ad exactly as they asked, thereby following their terms of service,  Secondly, I’m nervous that an outside company has access to my site. Can they rearrange other things on my site too? Thirdly, is it normal to only have the ability to plug in a URL for the logo, rather than a .jpg or .gif file because I could create something on my own.

I have emailed Cool Text, expressing a willingness to buy the logo, as long as I own it and they stay the heck off my blog from here on out.  I’d love all of your thoughts.


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