class 9 : peer review


  • Guest speaker
  • Peer review
  • Lab

Guest speaker

Peer review

Tips/suggestions from Kathy : short discussion afterwards on maintaining your WordPress website.


  • Kathy will demo using Angie’s site
  • Review the project plan/goal then visit the website with those goals in mind. Take notes in an email that you SEND TO ME. One email per student (three web site reviews). I will compiles the reviews – anonymize them – and send each of you who are in class an email. People who are not in class are not part of the formal peer review because there is no reciprocal arrangement. In other words, everyone in class should get three reviews.
  1. Angie’s Project : [absent]
  2. Brian’s Project :
  3. Charlie/Rift Publishing House, LLC :
  4. Gaya’s Project :
  5. Hilary’s Project :
  6. Holly’s Project :
  7. Kathy iPad :
  8. Kirsten’s Project :
  9. Maggie’s Project :
  10. Mark’s Project Plan |
  11. Mary’s Project :
  12. Michelle’s Project :
  13. Sharon’s Project :
  14. Tammy’s Project : [absent]
  15. Toni’s Project : [absent]

For next week


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