Holly’s Project Description

Holly’s project, the website “I’d  Rather Be Tatting,” consists of a blog with three navigational buttons (Home, About and Tatting Blog). The responsive theme is “Leaf,” found on the WordPress.org website.  The home page contains a slider feature for regular blog posts at the top and a featured posts area below (currently the Welcome to my Home Page launch post) enabling me to keep it there indefinitely. The Leaf options area in the dashboard allows users to change the theme color in the slider, which I did.

Besides the home page, the website offers site visitors an about page and the actual blog itself. The home page and blog have the following menu categories: Classes, Events, Features, Organizations, Patterns, Supplies, Terms, Tools, Tutorials and Videos.

Archives and Creative Commons widgets are on the right sidebar. The site should feature both share buttons for the content (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest) and link to my social accounts (Twitter, Google+, Facebook page), as well as an RSS feed that shares interesting info with site visitors.

As Content Manager, my editorial plan at this time is to offer several new posts per week. Knowing the importance of visual appearance, it is my goal to purchase software and applicable training materials to develop a logo and replace all photos.

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About Holly

During the week, I'm a professional writer, editor and proofreader who loves to make content sing. Afterhours, I morph into my alter ego who who loves shuttle tatting (a form of lacemaking), beading jewelry and too many other crafts to name here! Watch for my upcoming blog, "I'd Rather Be Tatting, " coming soon!

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