Angie Lokotz is Building a New Digital Brand

Building a Brand with InDesign, WordPress, and a Plan.

Angie Lokotz has been publishing to paper for over 25 years. That is about to change.

Photo of Angie Lokotz

Angie Lokotz Working on Your File

This site is meant to be a storefront for people to contact me as well as a forum for my thoughts on publishing. I also envision this as a gateway to offer help to those in the South Sound who have a story to tell, but may not know how to put it together and get it distributed. It is a work in progress and is not yet ready to be unveiled, but the bones are there.

I tried to implement the suggestions from the class feedback: The Resources post has moved to its own page. The Resume (About Me) page needs some tweaking, and I need to put up a Samples page with examples of my work and a client list.

By the time the program ends in June, I plan to have a couple of ebook samples up and ready for viewing as well as some of the printed work that I have contributed to. My project page is still useful for me as a reference.

The theme needs work, but I have viewed it on web, phone, and iPad and it looks good on all three, so as far as responsive design goes, I do like what this one does. I am thinking of having a static front page so that it looks more like a destination page. I will also be linking to other sites which can offer services such as photography and design. These things can be fixed, but right now I need to find the time to write. I hope to have at least one post per week.


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