From Puget Sound produce stands, to potluck recipes, to cookware reviews, brings you easy-to-understand cooking how-tos and good-food fun.

Project Recap: is about emphasizing the basics of sharing wholesome, tasty, fresh and seasonal food with friends, family and community. It contains (or will contain) recipes for appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes and desserts that have all been deconstructed and made simpler.

In addition to great recipes, has product reviews, including cookware and kitchen tools and equipment.

It also celebrates eating and entertaining outdoors, such as tailgate parties, picnics, park potlucks,  and backyard barbecues, as well as more traditional indoor forms of entertaining.

Successful food-based events start with planning and a trip to the store, backyard garden or produce market, so also provide shopping information and information on Puget Sounds produce markets, as well as cookbook and magazine reviews.

Lastly, will post information on events that might be of interest to home cooks, as well as news articles (everything from personal essays to coverage of the upcoming vote on GMO labeling in WA State) under the sub-head “Kitchen Sink.”

What’s Next . . .

Build, build, build. is on a good beginning path. The Graphene theme is working out well and contains many more options deserving of exploration. While the site is on good beginning footing there are many areas that need to be explored, developed and utilized. The following is a list of front-burner next steps:

Investigate and install any plug-ins and widgets that add more “Wow” and a better user experience, such as a calendar for events, interactive maps, smooth-streaming video capabilities, etc.

Write and post much more content, especially under “Recipes.” There’s also a ticking clock around creating comprehensive produce stand information as that season is about to begin in the Pacific NW. Content under this topic will include locations, hours, areas of specialty, maps, links and photos.

Find and secure photos and usage agreements and/or create photos to create a much more visual experience for users.

Write, write, write journal- or essay-like entries to accompany recipes.

Begin to use Twitter and Google+ on a regular basis for announcing new posts. Use FaceBook and LinkedIn to tap into existing networks. Update personal profiles on all these mediums to include information on easygoodcooking.

After much thought, because there is a wealth of food-based information already on the web, there will be a blogroll created that reflects the values of

Make a couple videos. Two people have offered the use of their kitchens – one that comes complete with a gorgeous cat (the Internet loves cats)  and the other in the mountains near Prescott, AZ, where the challenge of high-altitude cooking could provide for useful cooking information and humor.

As part of the next session, develop a business plan for identifying and securing revenue streams, however minimal.

Because this process is in its infant stages, it’s anticipated there will be many more avenues to pursue as more is learned. With that, WordPress meet-up groups and events will be looked into to augment any on-going conversations within the UWDigipub group.

Lastly, finish the beautiful yellow apron that is laid out, cut and ready to be sewn! The apron will be used in the main photo of the site creator.

Bon appetite!


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