A New Environment for Literature: Palm: Eco-literature from Around the World

Most of the DigiPub writers want to focus on their writing, I agree.  So far I have found at least seven potential future posting materials (placed in a Google doc)  to place, but little time to blog about them.  So … I am setting up a calendar, at least two months in advance for keeping track of dates and time to blog and present new material. If anyone remembers the timeset function, do tell me. Otherwise it will go into a Google calendar.

My theme is not as I envisioned it and I will find someone to help create the interactive bioregion map. (No other eco-lit magazine has this focus. Most magazines focus on the U.S and writers from the United States. The other print magazines (such as Orion) share the same emphasis so I know that i have a good concept. Most of the eco-lit magazines I admired, now have sleek new websites. Sliders. Photo montage. Logos. They practically sell themselves. However, this site has some strong points.

I modeled some of the terms on Orion’s website. The terms were clear and affirmative – Connect, Read, etc. I want the vocabulary on the site to present an active readership or at least, help readers see themselves that way. I am also going to rename the site as per Mark’s suggestions.

Since I am juggling working and writing, my primary focus is on writing. I have not given my gmail as editor. I need to get Submittables first in place. Other than that, it is good to go – palmlit.org 



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