Live, ready or not!

In Googling my Play It Safe Sports name, I had assumed that all was hidden as I played and tinkered in my wp1 directory. Alas, our class list of projects showed up, including the live link to my site (all of our sites!), which makes me realize that I really need to get it viewer-ready. The time for playing is over for PlayItSafe Sports!

Segment on New Day Northwest focuses on selecting the right summer camp for kids

Talking Summer Camp with KING5’s Meeghan Black

The problem is, I’ve not had time to focus on all I want to do with the site. I look forward to my site eventually benefitting from this new job… BTW, here I am chit chatting today about Summer Camp selection on KING5’s New Day Northwest.

BUT, lots needs to be done on the site to make it function the way I want.  And, with the glitches in the text box widget, I am not totally sure I shouldn’t just buy a premium theme.

Content-wise, I need to:

  • Update Nav menu items, using parent and child categories
  • Find time to write 10 or so posts to fill out those categories
  • Add certain plug-ins/widgets which I had done on other wp directories
  • Nail down language for copywright and privacy in footer

I will likely be reaching out to Kathy in a couple of weeks to get the site “Live” using the main domain name and not just the directory!


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