How do you get started with permaculture?

Project Permaculture answers that question and more, showing both my plan and how I put it into practice. Spring is a natural time to be excited about gardening, so I’ll build on that by planting, taking lots of pictures, reading up on techniques and permaculture principles, and writing about it all. I’ll be adding posts and pictures several times per week, and sharing permaculture resources that I find online.

The structure of my site is in place now, so the next steps will be adding more content, especially photos, and finding readers through social media and other interactions online. Permaculture is also about community, and nothing beats making connections face to face, so I’ll attend local events and meetups. I’ll update my site to show where I’ll be next, and report back on the events.

The planning stage is over, now it’s time to start doing!


One thought on “How do you get started with permaculture?

  1. Mark MacKay

    I’m looking forward to watching your permaculture progress. I left my garden back in MA. In Seattle I have a small shady porch. Does permaculture include container gardening? It would be great if you could adapt a few of your tips for people like me who love to garden but have limited space or low light. Give us pat on the head and we would be loyal followers – because most of our gardening is in our imagination – inspired by gardeners like you out in the field – or lawn.


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