week 1: introduction

Getting to know one another … and starting down our publishing path.


  • Introductions and syllabus review
  • Review status of everyone’s projects (~2-3 minutes each); identify student goals for the quarter; expectations, mine and yours
  • Mini-lecture: Why an author (or book) website, why WordPress, why self-publish?  (ppt)
  • LAB: Set up your WordPress.com accounts. Why?
    • To make it easier to add you to this course site as an author, which gives you experience with multi-author blogs
    • To get used to WordPress interface before setting up self-hosted accounts
    • For access to WordPress services such as Gravatar, Akismet
    • Demo: selecting & changing themes; how to make a text link; how to make a post

Reading before next Wednesday:


  • Toolset up a Google+ profile (why?)
  • General assignment due January 14: complete the set up of your individual WordPress.com sites; modify the theme from the default; edit the course assignments page and create a link to your WordPress.com site (alphabetical by student first name, please). Due next Tuesday!
  • Project assignment due January 21: make a post here (this course blog) that contains a link to and description of three blogs/sites that you consider “good competitors” – why do they appeal to you/how they fit your vision of your site?
  • Extra Credit: make a post here (this course blog, before next week’s class) that is a resource or news item related to course topics (very big umbrella); select the category “resources” for your post.


How to make a text link

How to make a post

Link to screencast.


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