Thumbs up or down? Considering what I don’t like helps define what I do like


It’s been interesting looking at blogs. I’m finding a lot more that I don’t like than those I do like. There are an awful lot of cluttered sites that are confusing to figure out for one reason or another.

I gravitate toward sites that have a calm, clean look and design, with visual interest and easy navigation. Their stated purpose is clear and supported by the site’s content. They’re a quick read—you know within seconds what they’re about.

That’s what I like about Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel. The mission is clear. I like having the author’s photo on the home page though it would be better if she didn’t look quite so grim. There’s an honesty in having the picture of her among the first things you see. She has the look of someone you can trust. The site navigation also makes sense, and it doesn’t overwhelm you with too many choices or too much information.

The Roaming Boomers  is the first site I came across when I looked for baby boomer/empty nester travel blogs. That’s one of the things I like about it! This husband/wife team has clearly figured out how to do a successful travel blog and website. It’s transparent in its purpose and is easy to navigate. It’s also very commercial—which is what I don’t like about it. But despite the depth of what they offer, they’ve managed to keep the visual appearance pretty uncluttered. They’re also making use of all the tools at their disposal—social media, video, photos, etc.

For it’s clean look, and clear purpose, I like Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. I like that you can easily see the first few lines of a lot of the blog posts. I’ve come across a lot of sites that let you see the whole blog post on the home page, in it’s very long entirety—which means a lot of scrolling before you get to the next one. I’d like to see a more interesting banner at the top, and some other visual interest. But overall, I’m attracted to the simplicity of this site and its clear and well-supported focus.


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