Heart Swell Site Inspirations

My class project is a blog called Heart Swell, which I describe as little day-to-day inspirations that make a heart swell. These inspirations could come in the form of relationships, travel, health and fitness, recipes, or creativity. My focus is transcending the how-to of a post into an anecdotal story that is honest, sweet and/or inspiring.

There are many sites that fit the vision of my own, including:

A Cup of Jo

The author of A Cup of Jo is a magazine-writer-turned-blogger who lives in New York City with her husband and two little boys. Her posts cover everything from style and city living, family and motherhood, and books and culture. I find her writing to be incredibly relatable, honest and genuine. She curates a wide variety of content, and has amassed thousands of followers throughout the last several years.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere is a lifestyle blog focused on ‘elevating every day life.’ It focuses on style, beauty, fashion, interior design, entertaining, and DIY projects. I find this blog to be extremely professional, well-designed, and thoughtfully produced — similar to what I would want mine to look like. Nearly all of the photographs are taken by the blog’s author, and her posts are consistently short and sweet, integrating photos and videos with copy. This blog fits more the age of the average Heart Swell reader, which I envision to be mid-twenties.

Nellie Mag

This is a new online magazine produced by the author of Thoughts by Natalie, which is also a worthwhile read. Like the aforementioned lifestyle blogs, Nellie Mag covers a variety of topics surrounding entertaining, friendship, health and wellness… but it does so in a very smart, accomplished, career-focused way. There are articles that explore big decisions, relationship questions, and deeper topics, which is what I would hope my site would encapsulate too, beyond just always the light lifestyle reads.


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