Treat readers like honored guests and you will gain their following

Marvelista will be an inspirational mom blog focused on encouraging women to live their fullest lives. My previous posts focused on content that transports readers to an escape or sanctuary, written in a voice or personality that readers easily befriend. While content is key, the design of a blog is equally critical in attracting and retaining readers. 

One such attractively designed blog is goop by Gwyneth Paltrow. The theme is minimalistic with plenty of white space and a light color scheme. As a result, the font and pictures are kind on the eye and the navigation is clear. The site is ordered and peaceful, allowing the content to really shine. 

Tasteful illustrations act as anchors for the eye seamlessly linking the pages together. Therefore, the navigation is fluid, graceful and a pleasure to experience. In short, it’s a delight to visit. It’s like being in the presence of an attentive host that effortlessly anticipates every need.  Her home is beautiful, uncluttered and her company a pleasure. The reader gains the impression of expertise and reliability earning the readers trust and following.


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