week 3 : nuts and bolts

WordPress and Domain Names

  • Content: writing a good link post (how & why)
  • Google+ Profiles (link them here – but you have to take turns editing the page!)
  • In-class ebook exercise: avoid self-published look

  • Project work, in-class: secure your domain name and hosting company in class. You must be able to access the email associated with the accounts from webmail and a lab computer or your own laptop (not just a phone).
    • WhoIs.net | NetworkSolutions WhoIs
    • Things to think about when picking a theme : images, home page, sidebars, top navigation, mobile theme
    • Self-hosted WordPress (basic site set-up)
    • Export content from Fall blog and import into either WP.com or self-hosted WP
  • Update the project pages for milestones, brainstorming, feedback (pswd protect if desired – Kathy to demo – we will all use this blog’s name as the pswd)
    • At the top of the page: Domain name and project name (short). Format as H3 (Kathy to demo)
    • Next section: Project summary (H3)
    • Next section: How I might use a blog with my project (H3)


  • Project, due January 28: how might/will you use a blog with your site; add this to your project page on this course blog (at the top of the page)
  • Project, due January 28: find three themes (free or $) that you find visually appealing; create an interesting post (creative headlines!) about them on this course blog; your primary audience is your fellow classmates – what might they want to know? Include a screen capture of each one. Remember to link to each theme; categorize as Assignment.  Remember: no uncategorized posts!
  • Toolsset up a Flickr account before next week’s class.
  • Reading before next Wednesday:
  • Extra Credit: make a post here (this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to digital publishing (very big umbrella); select the category “resources” for your post.

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