Expound Oxygen & Sight!

Selecting a theme

The conversation with my potential user goes like this… “Just go to www.theartofthefestival.com, take a look at the headings across the top, click the topic you need and use that for your arts festival planning meeting on Sunday.  Breathe!”

The three WordPress themes that I am exploring are, Expound, Oxygen & Sight.  I narrowed my choices to a few themes where  prominent content and visuals quickly captured my attention.

I did a little crowd-sourcing feedback by asking about half a dozen friends to take a look at the 229 WP themes and tell me what they liked for my Arts Festival site.  Most frequently used words where:  Nice & clean, Navigation, Attracts me, Sections, Classic, Easy.

My first theme choice

My first theme choice

  • My initial theme choice was Expound.  It is nice and clean for finding content, has photo appeal, blog, and administration looks easy.  Downsides: not mobile optimized, and the classic look might not have enough ‘artistic’ appeal for my users.
A crowd choice theme

A crowd choice theme

  • Oxygen was a crowd favorite theme.  Sections left/mid/right are appealing, blog space good, and it is maximized for mobile.  I think my users might be looking up content in meetings or on the go. Concerns are that the page might be too dense for ‘need it right now’ users, and the left navigation is different.
Another theme in the running

Another theme in the running

  • I have grown to like the Sight theme.  The carousel navigation is very attractive, blog prominence good, and mobile optimized. Fonts look a little messy in this theme and I am concerned about the administration of the prominent carousel.

In addition to the need for a theme that fits the user profile and the sensibilities of the site content I think ease of administration is important.  How easy is it for me to get the content where I want it on the page, to make changes and can the theme grow with my interests and skills.


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