Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, wordpress themes that you should know

Choosing a wordpress theme is like selecting a wedding dress. If you don’t already know what you want, the myriad of options can be overwhelming. Here’s a glimpse into my process.

First, open wordpress on your browser and select themes from the menu bar. Features I attach weight to include: responsive layout, translation ready, multiple color/theme choices and FREE.  I paid an excessive amount on my dress considering it was worn once. Hubby made a forlorn expression when I mentioned selling it so I’m stuck with it for life. After reviewing a slew of themes with the above criteria, I’ve chosen the following.

Origin – gracefull designCaptured Screen shot of the wordpress theme Origin

Origin fits anything from a personal to business blog. I love the use of balanced minimalism. It’s clean, uncluttered and graceful. Plus, it supports options like: custom header and background, ink color and topography options, video, and a selection of Google fonts. What’s not to like?

Romangie – feminine vibeCaptured screen shot of the wordpress theme romangie

This look goes well with a personal blog. Can you tell I’m into minimalism? Cleaner and simpler than Origin, Romangie allows content to really shine. It also supports twitter messages, embedded video, and the color pink, or pinkish-red, whatever.

Exray – endless optionsScreen shot of the wordpress theme exray

For a professional or business feel, Exray is ideal. Another theme with multiple options and styles, it has it all, including seo optimization. For an e-magazine, Extray is an excellent choice.

You know what I like best of all? Each of these are free and can be changed with a click of a button.

…If you don’t like it let it go, eenie, meenie, miney, mo


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