Kissing Frogs: Where Oh Where is My Perfect WP Theme?

I became somewhat enamored with a theme when playing around in my online sandbox learning how to change themes.  RYU seemed to have everything I needed, until I saw my content with it. Immediately I fell out of love—comments were off to the side, hard to find, and I didn’t like the font. Onto the Blissful Blog. BlissfulBlog

Slow down….

Then I took a spin with Spun, but found it unworkable with some sort of technical issue–plus it relies on the images to link to your posts.


After giving up on the free WP themes, I went to Google to look for something new.

Found Personal  by Obox.  But the price (79 thin ones) and the blatant typo in the marketing copy put me off.

Personal byObox


I found a free theme called Origami and I watched the Origami Video which convinced me that this might work.  It’s a little less whimsical than I would like but seems to adapt to video clips well.  It’s clean and simple.


Because it was free, I thought I could easily upload to my sandbox.  Alas, not so fast:

Because of the way’s technical infrastructure is designed, we are not able to support uploading of custom WordPress themes on our service.

I see now that I must wait before I can truly meet this new theme, also available on the site.


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