week 5: photos/infographics/art


  • Visual concepts such as Rule of Thirds, aspect ratios, optimal resolution/size, alt/title tags
  • Creative Commons and Copyright
  • Using other people’s images


  • Visual concepts (ppt)
  • Using other people’s work (copyright)
  • Creative Commons licensing : Flickr example
  • Logistics: please link  your project sites on the assignment page
  • Practice: create a blog post here (course blog) and paste some copy — use fake latin. Use an image from this blog’s media library. Then insert it into the blog post. Do this four times: choose the size and then align none; align left; align center; align right. See what happens to the copy “below” the image with the different alignments. [No need to publish – you can leave in draft state and just preview.]

WordPress logistics 

  • Where we left off …. admin accounts
  • Discuss in pairs/threes: Why do we not want to keep the “admin” account with full administrative privileges?
  • How to demote the “admin” account
  • How to change email addresses on your accounts
  • Spam magic : “activate” Akismet [You must enter your Akismet API key for it to work. Get your key – free for personal accounts, use your WP.com email]
  • JetPack – explore all options. Figure out which ones to turn on now, which ones later.
user panel in dashboard

Example of caption

WP Dashboard review

  • Screen options
  • Posts -> categories, tags, delayed posting
  • Media -> all of your uploads
  • Links -> blogroll – history/why/it’s a widget
  • Publicize -> defaults can be overwritten!
wordpress publish options

The publish panel


  • Project, due February 11make sure your Gravatars have image, biographical info. Link to your Gravatar on your project page on this site. Add at least one blog post to your project site.
  • Practice: go to Flickr and find a creative commons licensed image that might work for your blog. Create a blog post here and use the image; you can use  use fake latin again. Tell us why you picked this image and this alignment/size. Publish as “Assignment.” Remember “more” tags!
  • Reading before next Wednesday: Security Tutorial,  10 ways to build authority as an online writer (how might you use these tips?), Boost traffic with great titles
  • Extra Credit: make a post here (this course blog) that is a resource or news item related to security; select the category “resources” for your post.

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