week 6: web site versus blog


  • Discussion
  • Lab


  • Housekeeping (go fix now)
    • MORE tag!
    • Categorize posts before posting : no uncategorized posts
  • Discuss: security! (readings)
  • Discuss: images (assignment posts) – Open Getty (new source)
  • Discuss: theme selection
  • Discuss: where we are (individually) and biggest challenge
    • Everyone should have a site outline posted to your project page on this site
    • How are you integrating the editorial calendar you developed last quarter?
    • Has everyone gotten themselves added to Google+ APE group?
  • Discuss: WP CMS for “web site” v “blog”

eBook exercise: file formats


WP Dashboard Review

      • Screen options
      • Posts -> categories, tags, delayed posting
      • Posts -> rolling back to an earlier version
      • Posts -> changing the home page
      • Media -> all of your uploads
      • Links -> blogroll – history/why/it’s a widget
      • Publicize -> defaults can be overwritten!
      • Appearance -> Menus -> Custom Menus

wordpress publish options

  • Investigating Jet Pack
  • Install two plugins (working in pairs)

Summary – themes



  • APE: Chapter  11 & 16

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